Ian Stuart

Top Tips for Brides

Top Tips for Brides

When to start looking- work backwards from your date, allowing ideally 9 months.

This will include time searching for your dress, the 12-16 weeks needed to make your gown, and two fittings to get it perfect, or to make any alterations to the design.


Made to measure to accentuate your figure to its most beautiful- lower the back, raise or lower the bust line.


Special requests/custom changes

Add a bolero jacket

Add more decoration, beading/flowers

Add detachable elements- halter strap/beaded belt/ cap sleeves.



if your dress has a beaded neckline, I don't advise wearing a necklace, let the neckline stand out and compliment with so fab earrings.

Introduce Ian Stuart accessories- Launched a jewellery and accessories line to complement our dresses.



Deciding to wear a coloured dress can make your gown central to the colour theme of your bridal party, make it tonal, or consider having bridesmaids in ivory or cream for a completely unexpected look


Ian's Do's and Don'ts


-Don't wear a watch

-Do practice walking in heals in your dress before the big day, ensure you can walk comfortably, and without holding dress, wear your dress, don't let it wear you!

-Don't spray perfume directly on your dress, on delicate silk fabric, this can reappear in years to come if your gown isn't dry-cleaned straight away and stored in the correct way with acid free tissue paper.

-Do add bustle loops. If you have a long train, ask your boutique to add ribbons to the inside of your skirt, so that you can tie it up in the evening.

-Don't get strap marks. Most weddings happen in the Summer, so be careful, wear strapless or cover up.



Ian hails from Manchester

He had a passion for costume and theatre from an early age.

He decided to peruse this as a career, and began a fashion degree at Reading


During his education, he developed and interest in bridal wear, which his chose to specialize in, much to his teachers disapproval.


He won numerous awards while studying, which gained him publicity, and subsequently employment before he even finished his studies. 


His first job was training at Bellville Sassoon (one of London's finest couture houses) specializing in creating gowns for socialites and members of the royal family. 


This training was invaluable to Ian as it gave him the knowledge of cut, proportion, balance and wear ability within design.


He then left for the bright lights of New York, where he worked for various big bridal manufacturers, creating bi-annual collections that sold all over the world. 


After a decade working under commercial constraints, Ian decided to move back to the UK, and establish himself as a name in his own right.


Combining his couture training, and commercial success, he created, along with his partner Pete, Ian Stuart-bride.


A new innovate label that allowed him to be creatively free.


In 2003, the collection was launched, and received instant success and acclaim.


The collection sells internationally in Europe, USA, Japan, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Russia.


Over the next 10 years, Ian acclaimed award after award for his new approach to wedding dresses design.


2008 saw the addition of Ian Stuart-London, a collection of evening and special occasion wear.


The success of both labels have established Ian as one of the UK’s most successful designers in the Bridal industry.


The latest venture for Ian is the opening of his very own flagship Store in London, Victoria, which offers more exclusive designs, in a luxurious environment. 



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