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Geordie Shore’s
Nathan Henry

Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry has been in front of the show’s cameras as a bisexual man, but he has just come out as gay.


Nathan, who joined the show back in season 10, will be clarifying his sexuality for the audience in an upcoming episode. His behaviour in the show did heavily hint that he was gay, however, as Nathan mostly showed interest in men.


Nathan has even said that being on the show helped him fully realise his sexuality.


When speaking to Gay Times, he said: “Going on the show, like I went on there bisexual, and along the way, seeing the lads go out on the pull and competing over girls and stuff, I sat back and I thought, ‘this isn’t me’.”


“With me being gay, personally, I don’t have to go up to someone and say, ‘I’m gay!’ If someone asks, I’ll tell them. But I shouldn’t have to go in there and with the lads doing all that, not going along with it. Instead I wanted to find out about myself and see if that’s what I’m about too, and then, be honest with them.”


“These are my family, I work with them, I speak with them, I live with them – if I can be honest with these, who can I be honest with? And I literally told them and it was the best thing I’ve EVER done. The reception I got from everyone, even the crew, was so overwhelming. I must’ve cried for at least two hours. I wasn’t crying with sadness, I was crying with happiness.”

Nathan also took the chance to confirm that he is dating Craig John Nellis.


“I met Craig just after my first series and just before my second so it was quite tough because I didn’t know him well enough to stay committed whilst [filming] in Grecce as we had only just met and I didn’t want to waste my opportunity I’d been given. However since Greece the two of us have both grown so much, we’re stronger than ever and I’m so happy to have him by my side throughout this.”




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Article credit Pride Life

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