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Flower Ideas for a Cream & White Wedding

I'm sure that last week's heatwave was a challenge for even the boldest of sun worshipers and if we can't handle these temperatures imagine what it would be like for any flower.

Even so we still have a few recommendations to make .

I will start with peonies. How could such a gorgeous flower not be utilised in the few months it is in season. Weather in whites or creams its a flower that will impress.

Our suggestion would be to use both creams and whites to break up the monotony. Peonies don't have a rigid stem so unless put together as a sheath the stems will bow to the weight of the flower. This would be ideal for a country garden look but very few flowers would compliment this style for Summer.

Instead keep your peonies for your low arrangements in tidy bouquets of five scattered in low vintage beakers throughout the venue.

Gladiolus is our tall flower this month. Strong, rigid and resilient you can depend on this flower to tower over your guests while they stare away in aw. Other than the dinner tables a good idea would be to to run a few plinths down each side of the isle.

Place a few tall cylinders filled with carbonated water and have the stems of gladiolus arching over you while you walk down. The carbonated water is quite a pricy recommendation but well worth the effect. Bubbles will keep rising throughout the ceremony and they offer a sense of continuity opposed to the stillness of natural water.

Having picked out your tall and low arrangements' flowers Campanula is our recommendation for this month's inbetweener.

Each stem has an average of five flowers and with a shape like a church bell its plain to see where it gets its name from. This intricate flower can be put together in large domes to fill up any space and can look just as elegant as a single stem in a glass bottle. Mantle pieces, table centres and even a bridal bouquet its diversity allows it to be used anywhere and everywhere.

Have fun planning your flowers everyone.

If you would like more information or to book Princess & KO to be your wedding florists you can view more of their work and contact them here

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