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Fun-filled French Wedding

with Firehorse Photography and The Impeccable Pear by Same Sex Weddings in France.


Every wedding we plan and organise has its own unique feel, this one felt like it would be a fun-filled French wedding from start to finish (with a good measure of hard work planning and styling). The journey began when we met Kim and Atle during their second visit and menu tasting, they were outside the main turrets as I pulled up and literally jumping up and down with massive grins telling me how excited they were to be back. I thought great we are going to have a lot of fun and we sure did!


We had several skype chats always guaranteed to be entertaining when discussing their styling, the boys certainly knew what they wanted so Silver Dollar eucalyptus was a must-have! The weather forecast was not on the bright side and this is always a stress topic, but I reassured them they had not become Groomzillas and they were under strict orders to just concentrate on having a fabulous day.


We were certainly in for a treat as soon as the chapel doors opened to the chanting and booming voices of the choir followed up a female solo vocal, the musical talent did not stop there. During the wedding meal, we were treated to a fabulous rendition of the Lion king to warm up the crowd for the “Screaming Lady” you need to look up the photos to check her out.

Black tie was the dress code and video gaming had a strong presence as this was how Kim proposed, looking smart and sophisticated this couple glided through their day with beaming smiles and adoring glances and handmade matching crowns.

The plates were wiped clean and chairs kicked back to head out for the polensisan dance to lead the way to the “rave cave”, the musical fun continued with a first dance to the iconic “Especially for you “Kylie Minogue and the gin and tonic flowed!

It was a bright fun-filled day, even if the sky was grey this did not matter one tiny bit to Kim and Atle and their guests who danced and sung their way through it.

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FUN-FILLED FRENCH WEDDING Congratulations to you both and thank you for making your journey and story such an entertaining one.


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