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Goggle Box’s Bodacious Couple Daniel & Stephen

Share Inside Scoop On Hiring same sex weddings in France - Impeccable Pear As Their Wedding Planner

You know Daniel and Stephen, they’re the hilarious hair-snipping pair of show-stoppers from Channel 4’s Goggle Box.

But to Jo Braham, owner and chief wedding planner at Impeccable Pear, they’re so much more, for to her, they represent all that is bold, bodacious and beautiful about same-sex couples who choose to tie the knot in France.

And this is their wedding story, in the hope that it helps you start to feel all giddy about the possibility of creating yours…

The Engagement

Ok, so no wedding day story can be told without first setting the scene on how that all-important question was popped, (obvs) and this one is a true corker.

Together with another couple, Daniel and Stephen travelled to India whereupon Stephen learnt that another engagement, the other couple’s no less, was to take place on the trip also.

Uh-oh. A double engagement? For a pair as unique as these two? Nah. Never going to happen.

Nobody show-stops the show-stoppers.

So, quick-thinking Stephen left their friends to it and booked a flight to Delhi in the hope that a romantic proposal in front of the Taj Mahal would be more fitting.

Upon arrival at the majestic marvel, all seemed like it was going to plan until…

”Hey, you’re the couple from Gogglebox!”

Seriously!? Stephen was starting to sweat…and not because of the heat.

Their hotel it would have to be, which, to Stephen’s delight, happened to be just around the corner.

Equipped with their G&Ts, the couple made their way up to the balcony where upon Stephen, slightly nervous, asked Daniel to take a pic of him…

…and as he did, through the lens of his iPhone XS…

…it was there that Daniel saw Stephen holding the ring.

And the rest, as they, is history.

How bloomin’ marvellous is that.

Choosing The Wedding Planner

Daniel and Stephen are a pair of busy queen bees, buzzing everywhere with commitments to uphold and a business to run, which meant hiring a wedding planner was an absolute must.

They also knew they wanted one of their weddings (as they had a total of three celebrations, with a possible fourth set to be held in Vegas, don’t you know) to be fabulously French.

Having being introduced to Jo via a gay wedding fair in Brighton, they instantly had a connection. As Daniel is half French, they loved the idea of working with an English wedding planner who resides and works wonders with weddings specifically in France, so it was a done-deal there and then.