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Mixing it up on your wedding day

Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming, time consuming and believe me, where to start on the design for your day, just baffles some couples.

Creating unconventional weddings is what Hire Societies likes to do best, designing and putting a day together that represents a couple that likes something different, to bring the two couples together and incorporate their personalities into their day. OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW...

Why must you be the same, we are all different in our own way, so we should celebrate your day your way.

There are so many wedding ceremonies out there that you as a couple can have, but we tend to stay with the same old same. So let's do something for you, let's plan your wedding a little untraditionally, a little quirky, a little out of the box.

This ceremony was based on two ingredients, two grooms who love to have a good time and enjoy life and they love a cocktail. So this was a perfect ceremony for them both.

For the ceremony ritual, Nikki, from Perfect Words Ceremonies, created a cocktail reading that incorporated Greg and Wes’s favourite drink: a Mojito. The celebrant explained the ritual as follows:

“Greg and Wes have chosen to include a cocktail unity ceremony today. The blending of the ingredients represents their union, not only of them but also you, their families and friends. Being the amazing team they are, they will now work together to build a classic Mojito, a drink that has stood the tests of time, as will Greg and Wes’s love for each other in the years to come.”

The cocktail was then mixed with the celebrant explaining the symbolism of each ingredient as it was added:

“So Greg and Wes, your Mojito represents the support from your friends and family, the strength you have together to overcome life’s rough moments and the joy and happiness you will find in the smooth, sweet moments in your lives and also the sparkle of excitement you have between you which will ensure your marriage will be full of fun and joy.”