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Top 10 Tips For Wedding Planning During Coronavirus from Berwick Lodge

It can be hard thinking past this week at the moment, let alone your future Wedding. Here are our top tips on surviving Wedding Planning in these strange Coronavirus times

Don’t make rash decisions due to panic No doubt there is all sorts of worry flying around your head at the moment…Will the registrars be doing weddings? Friends and family might or might not be able make it to the wedding. Our finances are different at the moment, can we afford to go ahead on the original date? In these unprecedented times there are so many ‘what ifs’ for couples and it is natural to feel the need to know what will happen. Although easier said than done, try not to make rash decisions until you have some facts behind you. This leads us nicely on to the next point..

Have open and honest conversations with your suppliers – We are all in this together and your suppliers will expect you to be in touch with any concerns you have, rather than sitting on them and putting yourself through all the what if scenario stress. My advice is to be honest and up front about your situation, tell them what you major concerns are and let your supplier come back to you with options. 99.9% of suppliers would rather you still go ahead with your wedding, even if it means postponing it to a later date or changing the size of your wedding. As an example, on a daily basis at the moment, we at Berwick Lodge are finding solutions to overcome couples’ stresses and helping them make the right decisions for them. In our experience, wedding suppliers are a friendly and fair bunch, so don’t feel afraid to get the facts from them, before making any big decisions. Most will find flexibility in their options, in exchange for commitment from you.

Use the time to reflect and work out what is important to you both – Go back to basics, work out what is more important to you both if you do find you’re forced to make decisions. Would you rather celebrate with a large party of friends and family as originally planned or is it more important to you that the two of you exchange your vows and become legally married as originally planned?

An abundance of time on your hand – use it wisely! Maybe you always dreamed of designing your own invitations or favours but didn’t have time before? Now is the time to get creative and super-prepared.

Shop for Wedding items and gifts – You can’t go out to shop but shop online or at least research (Pinterest), so you are ready to kick things straight back off.

Get organised – pull everything together in one place. We’ve not found a couple yet who don’t love a spreadsheet with at least three tabs!

Start playing around with that table plan – Do the things you don’t usually have time for.

Get crafty – Your best friend Pinterest has a whole world of wonderful crafty ideas that are easy to execute, even for the less creative of us. Tip: Favours are always best if they are usable or edible.

Dry your own flowers to create biodegradable confetti – We love this idea! Save yourself some pennies and know that it’s safer for the environment. View other ideas for eco-friendly weddings on our Wedding Trends blog.

If you’ve had to postpone – do something to celebrate the day the wedding would have been on… bake a cake or do your first dance in the living room!

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