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Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Top tips for choosing your wedding cake

Amidst a swirling torrent of cake, I wanted to impart a little wisdom from the kitchen; Wedding Cakes, why do we bother?

I genuinely believe that it isn’t a party unless there is a cake because I am greedy and have a sweet tooth. Chances are that many of your guests will feel the same, not that the cake should be exclusively provided to prevent Auntie’s dangerous sugar low.

A stunning Wedding Cake design will act as a beautiful centrepiece to your day – regardless of the kind of celebration that you are planning, there is a cake to suit it perfectly. Think rustic buttercream frosted designs for outdoorsy Weddings, more elaborate decorated feats of towering engineering for high-ceilinged stately home affairs. This is where I come in, you name it, I’ve probably made a cake for it... everything from barns and marquees to exclusive London hotels and castles. I even created the cake for the UK’s first Klingon Wedding!

As we move forward towards true equality of celebration, you still have the opportunity to create your own Wedding traditions and rituals – a feeling not limited to Gay Weddings, as we all embrace our individuality in and move away from simply emulating the way our parents said ‘I do’.  Play with tradition and create your own new ones.

Remember that your cake brings with it happy connotations of prosperity for you both in the years to come and makes a fantastic photo opportunity (will your Wedding have an Instagram hashtag?) as you make your first ceremonial cut into its icing. Get together with your chosen Cake Designer (or give me a call!) to try cake samples and discuss designs, making sure that your design is perfect for your big day.

Here are my top tips for choosing your Wedding Cake:


You can choose as many cake flavours as you have tiers in your wedding cake and you do not have to have fruitcake if you don’t like it. If you love Chocolate Mud cake, you can have it, but why not get another tier in a lighter flavour such as Lemon Drizzle cake so you can offer your guests a choice? Red Velvet cake is becoming a popular choice too.

Get as personal as you like with your cake flavour – chances are that if there is something you really love, a good Cake Designer will be able to bake this for you in cake. Make your larger tiers the obvious crowd-pleasing flavours that you know will be gobbled up and keep any more ‘specialist’ flavours to smaller tiers to avoid waste.


Ask your venue/caterer if they will allow you to serve your cake as dessert with your wedding breakfast. It’s great for you because you will be saving money by not paying for an additional dessert course, but the venue/caterer may not be happy so it depends from place to place. A slice of cake accompanied by seasonal fruits and a little clotted cream is a wonderful dessert.

If you are not permitted to serve the wedding cake instead of a dessert course, why not try serving the cake later in the evening? A few hours after your wedding breakfast and a few drinks into the evening, a slice of cake can be a God-send.



If you are feeling non-traditional, then why not save the cutting of your wedding cake until the evening? This is a really nice way of involving your evening guests in a key moment of the wedding celebrations.


Follow the cake cutting with your first dance, while the cake is taken away and cut up for your guests.

And so we come to the purpose of your wedding cake in your wedding itself. Perhaps we do think less of the symbolism these days and more about the photo opportunity but nothing says ‘wedding’ quite like a happy couple cutting into a beautiful tiered cake, so your wedding cake has to look the part. Most of all, the cake has to look right in its setting.


Think about incorporating your colours, fabrics, flowers, motifs into the design. My tattoo heart cake was inspired by Veronica Dearly’s wedding stationery that featured vintage tattoo designs. When you meet with your cake designer, they will be interested in hearing all of your wedding plans because any one of these might spark a little inspiration.

As a general rule, a three-tier cake will serve around 150 guests. Whilst you will need to consider the number of guests when coming up with your cake design, you also need to consider the height of the finished cake. If your cake will be displayed in a grand setting with high ceilings, three-tiers will be lost very quickly in this space.


Want tall cakes think big! There are cost effective ways to add height but no-one will complain of too much cake if you add an extra tier.

If I could give you just one piece of advice when it comes to choosing your wedding cake, it would be not to neglect this wonderful and integral part of your celebration. It just isn’t a party unless there is a cake and this is your chance to completely indulge in the cake of your dreams.

Stay gorgeous!

Charlotte White lives and works in London, with her Husband, Chris, and two slightly bonkers cats

called Sid and Nancy.


Like most Cake Designers, Charlotte’s early training took place standing on a chair in her Nana’s kitchen where began a lifelong passion for baking.

Since founding Restoration Cake in 2009,

Charlotte has gained a reputation for creating cakes that are loved by Brides, Grooms and Wedding Industry professionals alike.


This reputation has come from consistently supplying cakes that taste as good as they look.


Charlotte shares her passion for cake decorating, teaching at various London locations, 


Charlotte's recipes regularly appear on The Food Network UK website, 

and advice articles for Brides have featured in Wedding Magazine and Perfect Wedding Magazine.


Charlotte's first print book Burlesque Baking was published by Ryland Peters & Small in February 2014.