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Brittany & Terrieann

Mrs and Mrs, bride and bride.

We decided we wanted an intimate elopement so that the whole day was for us and no one else. 

So we could enjoy it and relive it together before we shared it with anyone. 

A day to remember, something cool and wild, where our love was the star of the show.


We met 12 years ago, young, wild and free on Birmingham’s gay scene. 

We went on one date but our lives took us on very different paths. 

Little did we know that we would meet again and oh what a meet it would be! It was love at first sight, we both never knew what love was until we found each other again. 

We had a lockdown date that turned into being locked down together indefinitely.


We didn’t have a plan! 

We exchanged our vows at The Old Marylebone Town Hall in a perfectly intimate ceremony, in the Soho room, registered by the coolest registrar EVER! 

We stood side by side, only witnessed by our photographer and videographer, as we turned and stood face to face the emotions ran high. 

Looking each other in the eye and holding hands tightly, we exchanged our vows, feeling every word. 

The moment we kissed and were pronounced wife and wife, we couldn’t hold back the smiles… the happiest and most special moment we ever shared. We didn’t let go of each other as we signed the book to the words of Justin Bieber - Anyone.


Then in the company of our photographer and videographer we let love and excitement lead the way. 

After our ceremony, we caused some mischief and turned some heads outside The Old Marylebone Town by riding the lion statue, covered in confetti - as a wise woman told us, ‘do it until you’re told not to’!

From heart shaped glasses, posing in the streets, stopping traffic so our boots could do the walking to smoke grenades in the back streets of Shoreditch, surrounded by graffiti and sunshine. 

We didn't realise just how much we were going to love it! 

The hardest thing was it all coming to an end! 

Even if our Dr Martens had ruined our feet. 

We both would’ve loved it to have lasted longer!


We had a blast in Five Guys! 

The photos speak for themselves… sipping sodas, sliding on tables, winks in the mirror, ‘FRIES BEFORE GUYS’ and lots of kisses! People looked, people stared (even took photos) but we just didn’t care - it was so much fun!

Do it your way! 

Don’t let anyone influence your wedding day… it’s about you two after all. 

Look back and have no regrets, love and embrace every minute because it’s gone in a flash! 



Annnnddd… make sure you have THE BEST photographer and videographer because they’re the ones who allow your day to last forever! It’s all about the memories you make - the wilder the better in our opinion!


We fell in love with our wedding day so much and are so grateful for the love we received after sharing it that we have begun our model couple journey so we can cause more same sex couple mischief, mayhem anddd crazyyyy, wild love in front of the camera! @wild_in_love_babes.

Brittany & Terrieann

Wedding photography by Mark Horton Photography 

  • Photography:Mark Horton

  • Videographer :Hushabye Films

  • Officiant:T. Hanover

  • Ceremony Venue:The Old Marylebone Town Hall

  • Outfits (dress, shoes, headpiece, jewellery etc.)

                                      Dresses - Chi Chi London

                                      Shoes - Dr Martens

                                      Jewellery - Pandora (earrings) Adrianna Papell (rings)


                                      Veils - SewFab Redditch


  • Hair: Colour by CS hair Redditch styled by Ashleigh of Ice Maidens Redditch

  • Make Up:Themakeuplabb 

      Eyeslashes by Style Lash by Aneta

  • Cake: Ice Cream at Soft Serve Society 

  • Flowers: Wilde Posies:

  • Caterers:Fries before guys at Five Guys. 

  • Entertainment:


We were the entertainment! Singing our own theme tunes as we paraded the streets of London and lived our best lives. Setting off smoke grenades in Shoreditch and feeding each other fries in Five Guys. 

  • Transport: The London Tube and Uber.

Read more about: Hushabye Films  here 

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