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Here at Diversity, we like to be a bit different, creating jaw dropping designs, using fun props, talented suppliers and the best part is that we will be using REAL COUPLES from all ethnic backgrounds, all genders and I mean all genders, hence the name Diversity Wedding Workshops. 

Our workshops will be led by an invited top photographer who will lead the way on the day, the reason for this, it gives more opportunity to have different styled photos, like my couples, there are a diverse of photographers out there, the invited photographer will have the same style as the theme,  myself the founder will design the workshops with everyone in mind and having every little detail covered and using creative suppliers on the way, so I can guarantee this won't be a boring day, it will be packed with fun and god dam awesomeness.

You will receive a full day of photographing a great couple, lots of details and fab lunch, and even better we have teamed up with G Wedding Directory who will be featuring our photo shoots from the workshops on there directory where possible. 

Diversity Wedding Workshops with G Wedding Directory
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Diversity Wedding Workshops with G Wedding Directory
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Diversity Wedding Workshops with G Wedding Directory
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The meaning of Diversity;


‘the state of being diverse; variety.
"there was considerable diversity in the style of the reports"

The practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.
"equality and diversity should be supported for their own sake"

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Another workshop I can hear you say, rolling your eyes back and sighing. I know there are plenty of workshops out there but this workshop is a little different.


Attending a workshop has a great amount of advantages, they help you focus on what you want and get the right content for your portfolios, have some awesome creative photos, you get to ask questions, you get to mingle with other great professionals and suppliers and you get time to actually take it all in. We all work really hard to get great content, attending our workshops you will have fun, have time to take a break from the rat race and enjoy the day.

For more information and to book your seat on the next workshop, Follow the link and book before it's too late.

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Diversity Wedding Workshops have sponsorship of this page to promote there wedding workshops.

Booking on to a work shop you are booking with Diversity Wedding Workshops and not with G Wedding Directory.

Entering in to a contract with them directly is with Diversity Wedding Workshops and not G Wedding Directory.