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Kirsty & Shivanie

Two brides, two cultures, two families, two outfits (each) and two words… pure joy!


K+S’s multicultural wedding took place at Rise Hall in Yorkshire last year. The whole day just oozes love and feel good vibes, and it was definitely you that just shed a tear reading Kirsty’s ‘best part of the day’. I’ll leave you in her capable hands with my second favourite quote of hers “Love, laugh, and most of all, eat the cake…”. Couldn’t have put it better myself! Now get scrolling and start swooning…



Our original wedding venue unfortunately folded from issues during the Covid pandemic. We found our new venue, Rise Hall, took one look and booked it right there and then.

Because we had a multicultural wedding we wanted to try and incorporate both our traditions. I wanted a traditional wedding dress that didn’t scream at you, which is why I picked a simple lace. My wife was always going to wear a traditional Indian Lehenga wedding dress, which I’m so glad she did because she looked beautiful. In the evening we decided to both wear traditional Indian dresses.

We wanted our day to be about two people who love each other while keeping some of the traditions we had both grown up with. To that end, we had a humanist ceremony and an English wedding breakfast. But in the evening we had an Indian reception, I’m so glad we did, because it was so much fun. We kept our décor very simple, not wanting to overshadow how beautiful the venue was, but we kept the colours white and red – traditional wedding colours for both our cultures.

We didn’t have a florist, instead, we decided to buy flowers that could be used again, and recycled by someone else.

We had an amazing cake maker, who gave us exactly what we asked for, it was a three tier cake in different flavors, white, decorated in red roses. It had us on the top and our dog and tortoise on the back (in a secret reveal). Catering was provided by Rise Hall, who did a fantastic job catering to so many palettes; we had vegetarian, vegan, celiac, to name a few, and their food was fantastic.

Jo is an amazing lady, who has far too much energy, but an absolute passion for what she does, which shines through in her work. We wanted a photographer who is more like a guest, who doesn’t make you pose for something you don’t want to, but still delivers stunning photos, and that is exactly what she did. My guests loved her and I can’t recommend her enough.


I think the happiest part of the day for me was seeing Shivanie come in, in her dress, which I can only guess how long it took to get on. I always knew she was beautiful, but she went past all my expectations and more. I’ve never been that happy.


Don’t stress out too much!! What will be will be, things will never be 100% so don’t aim for perfection, it probably won’t happen. Just enjoy the time spent in each others company, it’s over in a flash so make the most of it. Love, laugh, and most of all, eat the cake…


Kirsty & Shivanie
Supplied by Rise Hall
ng photography by Joanne Jacobs Photography

  • Venue + Catering Rise Hall

  • Photographer Joanne Jacobs

  • Wedding Cake John Francis Cakes

  • Hair + Makeup Dawn Walsh

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