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Laura & Isla

Laura & Isla's Wedding at Ednam House

Isla and I met back in 2012, through, at first we couldn’t believe we had lived in the same town of Kelso the whole time and didn’t know one another. We arranged to go on a date, to Ednam House Hotel and hit it off right away.

We always talked about getting married and 3 years into our relationship, I took Isla out for dinner with the engagement ring hidden in my pocket…. While leading up to the proposal, I asked how did she feel about public proposals, she replied she would be mortified and even asked “Please don’t ever do that to me”. ......! So I popped the question in the car on the way home (how romantic) and we still laugh about it today.

Picking a venue was a no-brainer, it had to be Ednam House Hotel, as not only was it our first date, but the scenery and views of Kelso and over the River Tweed are just stunning.

The hotel itself could not have been more helpful, with Leonie, our wedding coordinator, catering to exactly  anything that we wanted. 

Finding the perfect dress for me took just a few dress shopping trips with my Mum and sister, I found my ideal dress in Wed2b. It was called “Maddie”, I tried it and instantly knew that it was right. 

Isla’s jumpsuit was inspired by the actress Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli’s wedding, beforehand she was quite set on wearing a tailored suit. We found “the one” through House of Ollichon, we sent down her measurements and they custom made it to her size ,it fitted her like a glove, and she couldn’t have looked more stunning.

Thomson0734 1.jpg

For the theme of the wedding, I was set on woodland animals for which my Mum and Step Mum helped me to make felt animals for the table décor, the cake of course had to be made by Mary (Isla’s mum) and I wouldn’t have it any other way, as she simply makes the most incredible cakes! 

We used to joke about having alpacas at our wedding, and it wasn’t until Isla’s birthday that my mother informed us she had a surprise for us. We were to go on an alpaca trek and what’s more.......they are going to be guests at our wedding! We were over the moon and weren’t entirely sure if they were pulling our legs or not? 

The day itself was incredible, I can safely say it was the best day of our lives and we won’t forget it! 

The best advice I would give to anymore about to tie the knot are these 4 things:

1- Pick an incredible photographer- your photos  are something to keep forever and remember your day. We found Natalie  Martin at Kelso Wedding Show and knew just from looking at her work she was who we wanted to go with. She is simply an utter talent!

2- The lead up to your wedding is so stressful but on the day, all your panics and worries just disappear, so don’t sweat over the small stuff,

3- Take 10 minutes to go away with your partner during the night  and simply talk about how you are both feeling, you will spend the entire night speaking to different people but not necessarily to your partner.

And 4 - Enjoy every minute of your day, it goes so incredibly fast……


Laura & Isla

Wedding courtesy of Ednam House

Story of love wedding photography by Natalie Martin

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