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How to Have a Wedding as Individual as You Are!

By Ross Willsher Photography

How to Have a Wedding as Individual as You Are

A book to help you plan a totally unique wedding

Haven’t we all had that experience at the hairdressers when, despite describing the exact style we are after (or even showing a photo), the stylist believes they know better and halfway through the session you suddenly realise you’re not getting the cut you have asked for; it’s already shorter, choppier and / or the wrong colour? However, you don’t feel you can speak up at this point as the hairdresser is the expert and therefore, they must know what they are doing. Who are you to advise them?

At the end of the session – when asked for feedback – you smile politely and say how lovely your hair looks, but you walk out of the salon feeling anything but yourself; annoyed at yourself for not speaking up, and self-conscious that your hair is wearing you and not vice versa. Your hairdresser has styled your hair according to their own idea of how you should look and what is in vogue as opposed to what suits you and – more importantly – what you wanted.

This happens all the time with wedding planning too, especially for LGBTQ+ couples – you leave everything in the hands of the experts as they know far more than you do about all things wedding-related. However, they don’t know you. You are the expert on yourself, your values, and how you want to celebrate the unique love that you have for one another. A bad haircut grows out after 4-5 awkward weeks – memories of a wedding that wasn’t really ‘you’ last forever.

I know full well what it is like to not be listened to; for people to make assumptions or believe they know what will suit me best. I also know what it is like to not have the confidence at times to always speak up when you feel uncomfortable. It can also be super frustrating to not feel ‘seen’ or celebrated by mainstream wedding media. Inclusivity and allyship goes far beyond a token same sex wedding shoot for Pride month, I’m sure you’d agree.

So, rather than bemoan the heteronormative approach to weddings, I wrote a book that is designed to help you feel empowered to design and create a wedding that is 100% true to you, without bowing to other people’s ideals of what your special day should look like.

Towards the end of last year, I realised that just providing a free copy of this book to my couples in their welcome pack wasn’t enough. By the time they had booked me as their wedding photographer, they had already experienced too much wedding planning stress and frustration. Couples like you deserve to have the tools and knowledge provided in this book right at the start of your wedding journey.

So now I’m super excited to announce that the eBook version of How to Have a Wedding as Individual as You Are is now FREE for everyone to download.

If you’d like to discover how to,

· Minimise feelings of wedding-related stress and anxiety

· Make decisions based on your own values and priorities and not feel pressure from others to conform to their vision of ‘The Perfect Wedding’

· Celebrate your individuality but not simply be different for the sake of it

· Identify vendors who share your values and understand your story

· Choose a photographer that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin and help you to perfectly capture the beauty of the love that you have been lucky enough to find

simply click on the link below to download your free 180-page wedding planning guide.

You’ll also automatically be signed up for my weekly Wedding Wisdom email series, providing you with even more useful information for planning your perfect day.

If eBooks aren’t your thing, I’m also giving away 3 hard copies to readers of this wonderful website. Please contact me via email : to be in with a chance of getting a copy free before 24th February 2022.

Happy New Year – may it be filled with a stress-free and totally inclusive wedding planning journey!


For more information or to book Ross Willsher to be your wedding photographer you can view more of his work and contact him here


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