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When it comes to buns there are soooo many options it can be hard to know where to start. My biggest piece of advice would be to save all your inspo pics to the same folder and alot of the time, you will see a pattern start to appear. Here's a few pointers of what to look for if buns are your thing:

⭐Bun Type - is it a classic rounded bun, knot bun or chignon you like?

⭐Bun Height - where abouts does it sit on the head? High, low, mid-height, ultra low, placement can be key!

⭐Bun Texture - what sort of finish are you into? Smooth, curly, messy, ridged, airy, lightly textured, this is the one with the most options and can change the whole feel of the style.

⭐Hair Colour - try and save inspo pictures that are the same or similar colour to your own hair. The same style can look very different on different hair colours.

This is why pictures are so important to bring when you come to your trial. Even if you don't 100% know what you want it can really help your stylist see your likes and dislikes and create your perfect wedding day hairstyle.

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