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Autumn Wedding Flowers

Some might be discouraged by an October wedding with Autumn round the corner but the truth is Autumn has enough colours and choice of flowers to rival Spring.

Autumnal hydrangeas, green hydrangeas white hydrangeas are all coming into season with big beautiful heads. Cherry brandy roses dusty pinks and even yellow, the colour combination is enough to boggle the mind but if you put them all together it makes for a sensational design.


Dark foliages and eucalyptus can be used to bring out colours and buff up your arrangements, needless to say this month's choice of style is wild and daring.


Don't be afraid to think outside the box! On one occasion we used peacock feathers and hot pink hydrangeas to dress a fireplace all finished off with orange rose petals at the bottom, absolutely stunning even though we had our reservations about the style to begin with but all you need sometimes to be creative is a spark from a crazy idea.


Speaking of things outside the box, autumnal hydrangeas and flowers like gloriosa and callas can survive intact for a few days without water. This provides even more design possibilities as so much can be created without the use of a vase.

Last but not least never underestimate the impact good lighting makes to an arrangement. Be it tea lights or church candles or uplighters or spot lights, its important to achieve a balance that will exentuate your flowers. As mentioned in previous articles the wrong light can make an arrangement disappear or apear a single colour and if you've gone through all the effort to pick your colours for your wedding the last thing you want is for them to be invisible even though in plain sight.

Have fun planning your wedding and see you all next month!

After a 3 year spell working together at one of London’s top florists on jaw-dropping installations and projects, we decided to take our creative collaboration to the next level. And so Princess & Kō was born, built on our ability to break free from the box and offer something unique. Our aim is to nourish our clients’ creativity – and we always say you don’t need an occasion to pick up a flower.

Dawid ‘Princess’ PierwolaBorn in a small village on the mountain tops of south Poland, a 17-year-old Dawid decided it was time to set sail for new horizons. Working at a bank was not his idea of a life. After landing in the UK, he got his first introduction to floristry and discovered he had more than just a knack for it. And it wasn’t long before the flower industry would echo with the name Princess.

Elias Kouyialis

Brought up between the white sand beaches

and olive groves of Cyprus, Elias returned to his birthplace, London, to study. After toying with a law degree, he was drawn to the world of flowers and trained at the world’s leading floristry school.

His signature designs would become instantly recognisable in the grandest hotels and restaurants in the capital.

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