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Princess & Ko

Flowers for the Perfect Wedding

Spring Wedding Flowers

It's hard to believe spring is just round the corner with all the rain thats fallen recently but if you look closely you will catch its signs.

Fresh little buds are aching for a little warm weather before they bloom and for those with a keen eye Spring's flowers can be seen rising through the ground.

Tulips,Daffodils,Iris,Ranunculus,Sweet Peas,Crocus,Jasmine,Lilac are all just a taste of what Spring has to offer. Branches of Forsythia can be used to achieve height and the wow factor youre looking for at a wedding.

Their branches are littered with tiny flowers and as they bloom, bursts of amber and gold shine through enough to light up any room.

Sweet peas, hyasinths, Jasmine can all be incorporated into your table centres. A touch of moss and perhaps some vinatge teracotta pots some dreamy tealights to pull everything together, it is truly a time to make full use of nature's pallet.

I know some of you will say how about pink blossom or magnolia? They are absolutely stunning once in bloom. If its done right and the right blossom or magnolia branches are cut for your wedding then the result is beyond words. A word of warning though is that magnolia and pink blossom are a gamble once cut from a tree. These branches are cut just before the flower blooms and although a florist will take the necessary steps to condition the branches in such a way as to have all the flowers in bloom there is never a guarantee that they will.

Have fun planning your bridal bouquet and buttonholes, feel free to play with all the colours a spring wedding should have and make sure as always that your florist has sourced your flowers at least five days before hand to make sure that all flowers are in bloom for your day.


Of course you will have more pressing matters to deal with at the time so make sure you find a florist that can put your mind to ease.


After a 3 year spell working together at one of London’s top florists on jaw-dropping installations and projects, we decided to take our creative collaboration to the next level. And so Princess & Kō was born, built on our ability to break free from the box and offer something unique. Our aim is to nourish our clients’ creativity – and we always say you don’t need an occasion to pick up a flower.

Dawid ‘Princess’ PierwolaBorn in a small village on the mountain tops of south Poland, a 17-year-old Dawid decided it was time to set sail for new horizons. Working at a bank was not his idea of a life. After landing in the UK, he got his first introduction to floristry and discovered he had more than just a knack for it. And it wasn’t long before the flower industry would echo with the name Princess.

Elias Kouyialis

Brought up between the white sand beaches

and olive groves of Cyprus, Elias returned to his birthplace, London, to study. After toying with a law degree, he was drawn to the world of flowers and trained at the world’s leading floristry school.

His signature designs would become instantly recognisable in the grandest hotels and restaurants in the capital.

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