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Winter Wedding Flowers

Its hard to pin point what the craze is this year for a winter wedding. The season seems to beg for a grotto scene and making things look soft and comfortable.

Do you really want your wedding day to look like a nativity scene? I think not.

 Your flowers will (regardless of venue) instigate the general mood, and everyone at your wedding will have had enough of the festive feel at home or walking through the streets, so give them something to talk about(besides the lovely couple of course).


As we always say “this is your day and you should have it unfold exactly as you imagined” any colours any theme, however writing this article gives me the chance to paint a picture as to how Princess and Kō would go about setting up a winter wedding.


 With Christmas round the corner the flower market gets flooded with so many different  festive foliages and accessories that would make an unforgettable impact to a winter wedding .

 From silver and gold painted cones to chandeliers made of mistletoe the vastness of selection truly does prompt the imagination but we would suggest to stay clear of such temptations.

Trade in that look for something more fresh, something clean cut and bold. Keep the tradition of white on this day with hydrangeas roses and white phaleanopsis. Dendrobiums and white gypsophila are also a great addition and with so many shades of white you can be sure it will keep your eyes wanting more.

Your tall table centres will attract the most attention so this is where you should put most of your efforts in design. Roses and hydrangea as well as gypsophilia can all be put together to make big chunky bouquets. If you can imagine a solid dome of of each flower, stems left long and tied together tightly this in the floristry world is called a sheath. To get the full effect of this style you need tall clear vases and it is imperative that the whole set up looks impeccable . The sheaths would be placed in a spiral shape at the top of each vase (preferably a cylinder) and a series of shorter cylinders would hold phaleanopsis and dendrobiums immersed in water..


If you are looking to impress , chandeliers and trees are now in fashion .You can make them as large as 5 metres in diameter or height, just make sure someone's qualified to get the engineering right.  Pine leaves woven through white branches covered in lichen might make for an impressive chandelier at your wedding but that can be paired up with a wintery, tree with a chunky trunk and crisp white roses trickling down from its branches along with place cards. A very effective method to bring people together at a wedding and immerse themselves in the effort it takes to create such an environment indoors.



Wishing you all a very merry Christmas from Princess&Kō and see you all in the New year.

After a 3 year spell working together at one of London’s top florists on jaw-dropping installations and projects, we decided to take our creative collaboration to the next level. And so Princess & Kō was born, built on our ability to break free from the box and offer something unique. Our aim is to nourish our clients’ creativity – and we always say you don’t need an occasion to pick up a flower.

Dawid ‘Princess’ PierwolaBorn in a small village on the mountain tops of south Poland, a 17-year-old Dawid decided it was time to set sail for new horizons. Working at a bank was not his idea of a life. After landing in the UK, he got his first introduction to floristry and discovered he had more than just a knack for it. And it wasn’t long before the flower industry would echo with the name Princess.

Elias Kouyialis

Brought up between the white sand beaches

and olive groves of Cyprus, Elias returned to his birthplace, London, to study. After toying with a law degree, he was drawn to the world of flowers and trained at the world’s leading floristry school.

His signature designs would become instantly recognisable in the grandest hotels and restaurants in the capital.

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