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Antony & Kevin

Myself and Kevin's journey began in August 2016, Kevin approached me first via my social media, we have mutual friends and this is how we came across each other. At first I wasn't going to reply but my friend convinced me to. We started chatting and spoke for a while before we decided to meet, neither of us wanted to rush into things so we took things slow.

On meeting Kevin I remember thinking, this guys to good for me, look at him, he's beautiful. Little did I know Kevin was thinking the same about me. Instantly we hit it off, Laughing, Joking and the conversation just flowed.


After a few weeks both myself and Kevin told each other "I feel like I am falling in love with you" We both thought it was strange and very sudden, but it happened and we couldn't stop it. Maybe fate had brought us to each other and we had finally crossed paths.


A short three months had passed and Kevin asked me to move in with him, Of course I said yes. Many thought it was too soon, but both of us realised it wasn't and this is what we wanted.


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I soon realised Kevin was just as crazy as I am and we fitted in with each other's family and friends. The love for each other was growing stronger.

2018 came and I had decided I was going to ask Kevin to marry me. We had spoken about if either of us wanted to propose, it would be something quiet and little, as Kevin Isn't one for attention.

This is how it happened. In August 2018 I surprised Kevin with a trip to Barcelona with four of our friends for his birthday. September 2018 we flew to Barcelona, I was nervous and very excited as I knew what was going to happen. On September 19th I was ready to ask Kevin, but I got scared and didn't ask. Then On 20th September 2018 I asked "Will you marry me", Outside the Magic Fountain in front of nearly 2000 people. "No, I mean no not here, Yes I will" was Kevin's reply, he was shocked that I had asked in such a public place. Everyone started clapping and strangers came over to congratulate us. I can honestly say I wouldn't of done it any other way.


The search was on for our Wedding Venue. As soon as we returned to England we started to look. We both agreed we would look at five venues and then choose, as we didn't want to complicate our decision. Nothing was standing out to us and then on a drive to Southport Kevin said "Shall we have a look at this venue". So we came off the motorway and pulled into Lancashire Manor. Instantly greeted by a team of staff who were just as excited as us to view the venue. We Walked into The Great Hall and that was it, we both turned to each other and just said "This is the venue" . As a Paranormal Investigator I have a love for old buildings with history and Lancashire is oozing with it.


Booked and secured in November 2018, we were set to marry on Saturday 29th February 2020. Many people asked us why February. The reason behind it was because myself and Kevin went through a lot of heartache, loosing loved ones throughout February and March,

 we wanted to place something positive right between all the negative.  



The Staff at Lancashire Manor are amazing, and the venue is stunning.

We would like to say thank you to

Lancashire Manor for the hospitality and smooth running of the day.

Becki Fishwick our wedding singer from the Lake district

Thomas Morris our Photographer from Hindley in Wigan 

Twilight Creatures wings of the world for bringing the owls along to our day and running an amazing charity and saving these beautiful birds, based in Wigan.  


Antony & Kevin
Wedding photography by
Thomas Morris wedding photos
Wedding venue: view Lancashire Manor here.

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