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Terms and Conditions

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Advertisers confirm that the information and details supplied by them for publication are TRUE and ACCURATE and contain nothing which may mislead an interested purchaser of their services.


By submitting your advertising details to us for publication you are indicating:

• That you are the legal owner of the business or services to be advertised or you have legal power of attorney on behalf of the business owner/advertiser

• That you agree to / publishing these details for you.

• That the details supplied by you are TRUE and ACCURATE and not misleading in any material way.

• That on receipt by us of your payment, your advertising (the service) is to commence when your advert has been created and is live on our website and that you fully adhere to our terms and conditions.


In respect of any advertising details or photographs submitted by you for publication, you confirm that you own full title to such details and/or photographs and you agree to grant a copyright license to /

Note that you cannot use photographs from exterior sources to your company without the express permission of the photographic source - it is the customer's responsibility to ensure they have copyright over any materials supplied to us for publication on their behalf and you agree to indemnify / in respect of any claims against us or expenses incurred by us in respect of breach of copyright issues.

Photographs, images, advertising company descriptions and all other content published on this website are copyright of / and may NOT be copied from this site and reproduced in any other advertisement or marketing, without our written consent.

For the sake of clarity - this does not prevent advertisers from using their own materials elsewhere PROVIDING that such details are not back-sourced from this website.




If you wish to cancel your payment for ANY reason, we offer a FULL refund of the advertising fee paid providing that we are informed by EMAIL within 24 hrs of the online payment order.


After this time, our standard refunds policy applies (see below). 




Individual business advertisements are NOT transferable and may not be used for advertising of more than one company or any company other than the company listed for advertising initially without our explicit permission.




In the case of commercial advertisers, where more than one service is available, we are able to offer an attractive discounted advertising package based on the total number of advertisements you wish to run in one advertising period.

Promotion of your own commercial website is permitted, along with company contact details and address.


Your personal details are held on a secure database and only those details you wish to be published are made available to our site visitors. We do not pass confidential customer information to other organisations. We sell advertising not mailing lists.

View our privacy policy


For your data protection and personal security we do not track your activity on our website other than for our own personal website statistics. We record that you have visited us but what you do when you are hear is classed by us to be private.

You have our assurance that we work to make your website visit the best we can but other than that we work to keep what you do here private.

To ensure that our clients personal internet security and data protection are not put at risk we only supply our main website traffic as a statistic for your advertising.  

If you have purchased advertising with us and wish to track this we recommend that you set up your own analytics from your own web browser ensuring that all clients who visit you from us are secure.


All advertising details supplied by owners to us must be FAIR, HONEST and ACCURATE. It's a waste of everybody's time (including yours) if you provide a misleading description of your company and services, intentionally or otherwise, so please take some care over the details.

We reserve the right to edit any descriptions which we know or believe to be false or misleading or where there is a potential for misunderstanding.

Before posting your details on our website we check all listings and may make amendments to improve presentation, correct spelling and other obvious errors. 

The company description/advertising should only provide a factual breakdown of the business features you wish to promote - it should not include 'claims' about the company or business or terms of sale which are not a matter of fact or which cannot be ascertained and verified by reasonable inspection, or in the case of any legal aspects, confirmed by available documentation. The factual accuracy of the information supplied for publication on this site, is the responsibility of the advertiser and you agree to indemnify / against any claims or expenses arising from misleading or inaccurate claims made by you about your company within the advertising published. 


It is your choice to disclose your company contact details to potential customers to advertise your business.

We offer to advertise only your business information on our website, we do not offer to advertise any other service you may wish to use in connection with your marketing other than pre-arranged, pre-agreed and pre-paid adverts in multiple sections.


Your advertisement will be advertised on our website for 12 months from the date of your advertising going live on / website. Therefore, we do ask that you keep us informed of any SPECIAL OFFERS you may wish to add to your advertisement during your initial 12 month period.


Although for practical purposes we provide a 12 month service (see time term above), for various legal reasons we are obliged to restrict our financial liability. The price we charge relates essentially to the set up cost of each advertisement and the initial administration involved. Therefore, once a customer's advertisement details have been published on this site for a period EXCEEDING 7 DAYS, our service is deemed to have been fully delivered until the next auto renew of your advertising.

After the 7 day 'paid-up' period, advertising and support is continued for the duration of your chosen package.


The maximum liability for any loss arising due to our negligence will be limited to a sum equal to the value of the advertising fee received.


The prices shown on this website are what you pay. Publication of customer listings on the site / normally takes 3-4 working days. Note that this period is provided as a guide only and may vary and assumes the normal operation of automated processes and/or systems currently in place.

From time to time, interruptions in service can occur for technical reasons, due to faults or for necessary maintenance.

Customers are advised that whilst we undertake to ensure the swift forwarding of information for publication or update of listings on our site, we cannot accept any responsibility for interruptions or delay in publication on

 the site due to faults or maintenance issues affecting services beyond our control.


One month before your advertising campaign is due to end G Wedding Directory will contact you via telephone or email to discuss the renewal of your advertising. 

When we have your confirmation to rebook we will then send you an invoice for the next 12 months advertising. 

Acceptance of invoice will be considered as full confirmation of advertising renewal and will be acceptance of another advertising term (12 months) with G Wedding Directory.

If you wish to cancel your advertising renewal you will need to do this with G Wedding Directory in writing one month prior to the expiry date of your advertising package.

No refund of our advertising fees will be made, see REFUNDS

INTERRUPTION IN SERVICE / makes every reasonable effort to ensure that our website facilities are available to internet visitors and customers at all times. However, we do not offer any guaranteed percentage time of availability and accept no financial liability for any interruption in service or temporary loss of some or all website facilities at any time. On occasion, necessary maintenance or upgrade work requires the site to be taken 'off-line' without notice, but we endeavour to keep downtime to a minimum and in most cases of scheduled maintenance, this normally involves no more than a few minutes. Our website is hosted in a secure protected environment with excellent security, fire and backup measures in place and a very high level of service is anticipated.


Clause 8(3) of The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 states that the statutory cancellation (cooling-off) period of 7 days for services purchased over the internet, does not apply where performance of that service has already commenced with the customer's agreement. Our payment facilities are designed to activate your public advertising automatically and therefore, by making a payment for advertising on this site you signify your agreement to the advertising service commencing IMMEDIATELY and that the standard cooling-off period does not apply as per clause 8(3) of the Regulations. This does not affect your right to cancel your advertising within 24 hours for a full refund under our no-quibble cancellation terms (see above).


No refund of our advertising fees will be made, after publication of paid advertising.

No refund of our advertising fees will be made for loss of service, temporary or permanent, in any circumstances, after the expiry of the initial 7 day advertising period.

Other circumstances may be reviewed and a refund offered at our discretion with the deduction of an administration fee, however, under no circumstances will our liability exceed the value of the advertising fee received.

This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.


If you experience any problem using our service, or we make an error in publication, let us know straight away and we will do everything in our power to put things straight. We are proud of the quality of our service, customer care and support, but sometimes things can go wrong, so please contact us if you have a complaint about any aspect of our service to you.

Call us on 0161 8238705 during 10am to 4pm, or contact us in any of the ways offered on our contact page.

Please quote your full name and business name in all communications. We aim to respond to all enquiries within one working day.


We will not enter into any contact by telephone, email, letter or any other form of business contact with third party agents in relation to the refund of any amounts paid to us for advertising by you. 

CONTACT and is part of the Go Media International group - an International Marketing Company.


To contact us please use one of the options below :


By telephone - UK and International Sales and Reception - 0161 8238705


By email -

G Wedding Directory, T/A Go Media International, 107 - 109 Towngate, Leyland, Lancs, PR25 2LQ

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