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Mark & Olivers Wedding 

Your wedding is one of the most exciting and important days of your life – one that you will cherish and remember forever.


If you are looking for a dream wedding venue in Kent, St Augustine's is where dreams come true.


At St Augustine's we believe that every wedding is different. With a wide variety of rooms and spaces from which to choose, St Augustine's is a truly unique venue

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G Wedding Directory would like to thank Mark & Oliver for allowing us to publish their story.


Many thanks,

Andrew & John. 

Myself and Oliver met 9 years ago when he started attending group exercise classes at the gym I work at, fast forward   9 years we are now Mr and Mr Hudson-Floyd. When choosing a venue for our special day we knew we wanted a peaceful, romantic feel with space for all our guests to enjoy. As soon as we saw the Gazebo which Kelly showed us at St Augustine’s we knew this was the place for us, the staff went above and beyond to cater for all our needs and requirements.


The wedding day was magical and all we had dreamed about. All the planning came today to celebrate such a joyful and happy time.


We decided to walk together as opposed to individually so when we woke up in the morning we both had glows on our faces and couldn't stop smiling. When we arrived a St Augustine’s with our Bridesmaid party to be met by Carole (Co-ordinator) we received a big warm felt hug. The hours leading up to getting married we were so calm and relaxed without bridal party with visits from our parents as they arrived at the venue. As we started to get ready in the Grooms room (Bridal suite) the excitement really kicked in and we couldn't wait to be married. As the intro to the song 'wings' by Birdy came on and all bridesmaid took their turn to walk down the red carpet isle we held hands and before we knew it we were walking with 60 guests all standing up with such happiness shining. 

After the ceremony we had pictures and spoke to our guests before being seated for the wedding breakfast. The food was outstanding as well as the staff being on top form and nothing being any trouble, we felt like Kings.  


As the evening guests arrived we changed and freshened up to get ready for our first dance! As we danced the connection between everyone in the room was apparent and we truly were in a real life fairy tale. We are so lucky to have incredible Parents, Family and Friends who came to support and congratulate our marriage. We partied, danced, laughed and created memories forever...

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