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Why Traditional Hog Roasting Has Become the Trendy Choice of Dining For Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding dining we know that you want the best there is. Not only is this a big, extravagant occasion with near enough everyone in your life in attendance, but it is also the first meal you are having as newlyweds, and so of course you have to have a dish as special as the moment it is serving.

That is why the hog roast has become such a popular choice, and why Spitting Pig is the caterer of the moment. 

Hog roasting is a traditional sort of dish and culinary practice, but its uses are perfect for the modern event, too. For centuries, you would have likely seen the hog roast as a mainstay of the big occasions; we’re talking kingly courts, communal celebrations for whole villages.

That all comes on account of the quality it produces in quantity. It’s unique style of cooking allows for a whole pig to be roasted meaning you are getting a tonne of meat from the finished roast. 

Our update on the traditional hog roast has all that, but it comes prepared in a more modern style to fit with the times. No longer does a fire pit have to be dug, nor does there have to be hassle in setting up or even cleaning away. Our mobile hog roasting machines take care of all that, allowing your wedding to benefit from just the spectacle, the style, and of course the great taste too.

Spitting Pig can set up at your wedding to allow our hog roast to be something of an entertainment piece for guests as they watch it slow roast to a perfect golden-bronze crispiness, as well as being your showstopping main serving.

That is why, in the hands of a team like Spitting Pig, the once traditional – and perhaps forgotten, hog roast is again a trendy choice for your wedding. It has that special x factor that you want in your first meal as newlyweds; it has the style and the spectacle to match up to the extravagance of the occasion; and it has the quality required to really impress everyone on your special day.

If there is one meal you want to remember for the rest of your life, it’s this one!


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