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One Size Does NOT Fit All

The Dressing Rooms fantastic new photoshoot images highlighting its stance on inclusivity by directing a photoshoot involving beautiful models from all walks of life united by being a bride for the day!

One of the UK’s biggest bridal boutiques, TDR Bridal based near Birmingham has staged the UK’s best bridal photoshoot to highlight diversity within the industry and to reflect the wide range of customers the boutique welcomes through its doors.

Looking to portray just how inclusive they are, offering a bridal styling service that is accepting and open, TDR Bridal maintains that it is open to everyone, whichever community they belong to or perceived differences they have, with the slogan #ONESIZEDOESNOTFITALL.

Owner of TDR and one of the wedding industry’s best-known personalities, Rebecca Baddeley explained: “I have known for some time that I wanted to do something, needed to do something, to address the elephant in the bridal world room. I remember around eight years ago questioning why there were no black models at a trade show. Don’t get me wrong, things are improving but the diversity shown in the aesthetic we offer out to the world of engaged couples is seriously lacking and, as uncomfortable as it may be, we the collective bridal industry, need to take a long hard look in the mirror, and see what we are portraying. At the moment, that looks like a world where only straight, young, white, able-bodied females, buy wedding dresses. This isn’t real life and I am sometimes ashamed of this stereotypical, somewhat archaic representation of brides.”

Speaking about the shoot itself, Rebecca goes on to say:“On shoot day, the moment the first model came out of the changing area, I knew that this would be something special… It is my hope that people’s perception of what a bride should look like is challenged and may be changed, so that we can all as a collective, ensure that diversity in all its forms is represented in the bridal industry."

TDR’s shoot brought together some of the wedding industry’s most revered professionals, including TDR Bridal Birmingham @tdrbridalbirmingham Bohemian Rose Photography @bohemianrosephotography Through the Lens With Marvin Marius @throughthelensmm Eyes to Pixels @eyestopixels The Wedding House Droitwich @theweddinghouse_droitwich Bridal By Artists @bridalbyartists

THE MODELS: Alison @alisonwilliams4617 Betti @bettidooley Katie @katieknowles1 Lena @lenamcallister Cassie @cassie.faye.x Liam @liammark95 Maariyah @maari.yah Nadia @godessdiamonds88 Amy @a_marren

Arti @officialartishar Faye @faye_adams_ Keziah @keziahnkounkou Poppy @popular_vipfuturestar Sherrill @cloudysherrill Elena @elenaevripidou_ Alison @alisonwilliams4617


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Telephone: 0121 423 2777


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