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Scarlett and Abby at Lambeth Town Hall

So Abby and I met way back in 2015, on Instagram! We spoke for a while and were friends before realising it was never just friends. We connected through our love of music, funnily enough, the first song she ever sent me was ‘The One - by Kodaline’ if you’ve ever heard it, funnily enough, is the PERFECT wedding song and I walked down the aisle to it.

We met 3 months later when we did a long distance from Shrewsbury to London. I remember first meeting her and saying ‘you’re not as small as I thought’ as she’s only 5’0 I just expected even more petite! I’m only 5’2 myself so we were a perfect match. Funnily enough, I remember when speaking to John, our photographer asking him to try and help us not look short as everyone’s bigger than us.

After 9 months we moved in together, Abby took on my at the time 6-year-old son who’s now 12 (and as tall as us as you can see by the photos). Several years later Abby asked me to marry her. She wanted to do it in the O2 arena but as she was about to do it, a flood of Drake fans from his concert came out of the stadium, meaning Abby would have to change her plans. She tried to get me to go to a place I’d never been before and me being me, being stubborn and stuck in my ways just wanted to get home so she wrote me a note in my wallet, which I pulled out on the road of our house where I turned and she was on one knee. Being young and in love was hard for a long time, but once we got to this point in our relationship everything made sense and we were finally in a place to truly commit our lives together.

Planning the wedding started rocky, I couldn’t work out why we weren’t planning things and we later realised it was the pressure of how many people we were inviting. We aren’t the first dance kind of people or long speeches and sit-down meals. We decided we could pick 25 20 of our nearest and dearest and things started to come together. Abby and I bought a dress and suit and changed our minds a month before the wedding so we changed completely which is so us and so last minute! Fall in love with you’re best friend, and everything will fall into place eventually.

Seven and a half years later, we are happier than we’ve ever been, married life feels almost normal (it’s just getting used to saying wife, not girlfriend haha).


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